Thoroughbred Handicapping Software -- Windows


This is one of our best and fastest thoroughbred handicapping software systems for IBM compatible computers. It was updated in 2010 for Windows (originally a DOS-based program) and runs on Windows 7 or earlier systems, including the new 64 bit systems. It's based on speed and recency using a linear regression formula on the current data, with most of the weight concentrated on the last 2 finish positions, the last stretch position and the last speed rating.


This is one of our best and fastest systems for handicapping at the track. QTHOR has been reported to do as well as our Advanced Thoroughbred System.  We've converted the program to run in Windows and it works in the latest System 7. It's fast because it only evaluates 5 data items.  Enter the last stretch position, the last two finishes, the last speed rating and the post position for each horse.