NFL Professional Football Handicapping Software System-$29.95

Professional Pro Football Handicapping Software. A simple handicapping betting system that can help make money wagering professional football and college games



It all Started in 1986

I originally designed the DOS Professional Football Handicapping Software in 1986 after updating the thoroughred, harness and greyhound DOS based systems. I wanted to build a simple, but fast prediction system, and found that I could use the NFL Standings data which is cumulative, and updated weekly. I like simple systems, that don't require to much past data, so I designed a weighted handicapping point system based on all the data in the standings: points for, points against, home and away wins, losses and ties and total games played. Then I added one important factor: the weather. Playing in the rain or during an occasional snowstorm or when it's cold, can affect game play. Then I tested the system for earlier years, and found that a lot of my predictions were accurate, including the point spread.

Sports Book or Office Pool Predictions for College Football or the NFL Pros

The system is designed for NFL Pro Football just using the NFL Standings. However, it can easily be used to predict college games if you track the data on your own (points for, points against, win, losses and ties, etc.). If you're in a town with a sports book like Las Vegas, you can use the results to bet the games. If you can also apply the system for an edge on the office football pool. Very simple to enter data, with fast results.

How our Pro Football Windows System Works and Ordering

Handicap all weekly football games in less than an hour; and you can start anytime during the season.  Enter the two competing teams and all the requested data on one single Windows screen and in a few minutes you'll have the predicted winner and predicted point spread for that game. If you're interested in college football, you can handicap those games if you keep your own college statistical records.  Our football system has predicted winners up to 70 percent of the time, after a statistical analysis of NFL game data taken from past seasons.  And, it has been 65 percent accurate against the line with our point spread prediction very close to the line.  Data entry for the analysis is taken from the The NFL standings, found in your local newspaper, to perform the statistical analysis for predicting the winner, the point spread and total points.

This is a simple statistical analysis, without the fancy graphics or data storage (not required) but it has been effective, and very easy to use.

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